SOOB Venues Map

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1. Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts
end of Lamington St, New Farm

2. Valley Mall Rotunda
middle of Brunswick St Mall, Valley

3. Impro Space
Chinatown Mall, near the big Pagoda
(underneath the Chinatown carpark)

4. Institute of Modern Art
The IMA is in the Judith Wright Centre:
420 Brunswick St, Valley

5. Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
420 Brunswick St, Valley
4 storey purple building three blocks towards New Farm from the Mall.

6. Metro Arts Centre
109 Edward St, City

7. TC Beirne Centre
Ground-floor arcade between the Brunswick and Chinatown Malls, Valley

8. Chateau la Blanc Trashe
517 Brunswick St, New Farm
head down Brunswick St towards New Farm, the Chateau is a big house on the river side of the road, on the corner of Brunswick and Harcourt.

9. Elephant and Wheelbarrow
230 Wickham St, Valley

10. SOOB Festival Club
21 McLachlan St, Valley
across the road from the 7-Eleven on the Dooley's side of McLachlan St, one door up form Number 29.

11. Indie Temple
210 Wickham St, Valley

12. The Winery
Souths Leagues Club
Davies Park, Jane St, West End

14. Visible Ink
139 Constance St, Valley
Large blue building one block towards the Mall from the Jubilee Hotel.
Constance runs off Alfred St, between St Pauls Tce and Wickham St.

15. Vitanza City Projects
Old Rivoli Theatre corner Brunswick and Kent Streets, New Farm
opposite Brunswick Hotel and New Farm BP

16. Jubilee Hotel
470 St Pauls Tce, Valley
opposite Centrelink, and we all know where that is!

17. Brunwick Hotel
569 Brunswick St New Farm
on the corner opposite the New Farm BP