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Shoot Me - The FAQ Fashion Shoot and Stylist Project
Showing at the FAQ Awards - Saturday 8PM :: Festival Club

As part of the FAQs (SOOB's irreverantly named Fashion in Alternative Queensland Awards), wannabe stylists and photographers are invited to do a contribute, design, style and photograph your own fashion shoot and create up to twenty photographic slides capturing your work. Entered slides will be projected during the evening and a special award will be presented to the best shoot according to the FAQs specialist panel of judges.

Email or call 0403 793 916 / 0401 653 774 to drop in slides, click here.

Saturday 6th December

Clothes Rodeo
2:00PM - 4:00PM :: Shop 8, TC Beirne Building

Yes its time to exorcise those ghosts from your wardrobe at the SOOB Clothes Rodeo. Come along with any clothes you don't want anymore for a massive, exciting, spectacular clothes swap. Its going to be sooooo much fun and a key moment in you defining your hot new look for this crazy summer of love…Remember - your trash is my treasure.

The FAQ Awards - Fashion in Alternative Queensland
8:00PM - 2:00PM :: The Festival Club
Cost: $4 / $5 / SOOB season ticket

So many people make their own clothes and have their own wicked style, which is far cooler than the banal fashions of the RAQ fashion awards. Finally, Brisbane's alternative fashionistas have a chance to express their kooky take on fashion in their own glittering night of nights- The Fashion in Alternative Queensland Awards or FAQs (pronounced Fark-Yous).

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