Film & Video Program


Wednesday 3th December

Stunts: breaking down the action.
11:00AM - 1:00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

A workshop that takes the Matrix Reloaded and shows us how it was all done.
With: Yasca Singalia.

Situationist video
12:00PM - 2:00PM :: Shop 1, TC Beirne Building

Straight outta the swamp, guerilla projectionists go mad in the concrete jungle! How can you use video projection as an activist tool, or as a way of remixing the urban landscape? Projecting from the back of a fire truck or a baby pram, activists and artists are taking the video out of the box and onto the streets. Come join us in a sermon on the church of urban pixel remixology, throw in your own ideas ... maybe we can try them out?
With: the Pixel Busters crew: Sophie Codrington, Sally Golding & Belle Budden.

Punchy Improv
1.00PM - 3.00PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Room
Local Brisbane actors take participants through context free scripts to learn skills of interpretation, performance and improvisation. Education prize from The Actors Workshop given to most enthusiastic participant.
With: Tanya Schnieder, Mungo McKay and Jack Kennedy.

Indigenous Fliks
2:00PM - 4:00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

Screening: Lake Cowal Documentary (15 minz), Irati Wanti Documentary (20 mins), Silverton Documentary- (15 minz), Coober Pedy Documentary (10 mins), Tent Embassy Documentary (30 mins) and a few Labrats film clips from their desert mission to Papunya and Kintore.
Presented by: Belle Budden.

Cinema as Educator: approaches to the Middle East, especially war in Iraq
5.30PM - 7:30PM :: The Chateau Le Blanc Trashe

Cinema can be more effective in conveying the broader extent of perspectives than conventional news media. The war in Iraq is but a recent example of a complex situation largely unexplored, a symptom of being bound by conventional forms. Two feature films, 'Three Kings' and 'Blackboards', which represent U.S.A. and Iran (screening after this session), offer two strong visions of the situation in the Iraq region. By watching and by contrasting the two films it is possible to appreciate a much more rich and complex picture of that environment. Come to discuss the informing nature of cinema.
With: Stewart Browne & Mistons Film Group

Composing Music for Film
6.00PM - 8. 00PM :: Indie Temple Main Room

Brisbane composers and sound artists talk about scoring for film. How do you get involved or get work on short films, television series, features and docos? The reality of the industry, the art and the technique.
With: Liz Elliott (Conservatorium classical musician, short film composer) Matt Murphy (Crocodile Hunter, Fat Cow Motel, The Informants, commercials and more), Clifton Bradley (Undead, AFTRS graduate and more), Davin Patterson (The Irving Hand Prophecy and more).

Cinema as Educator Screening- perspectives of 'Three Kings' versus 'Blackboards'"
7.30PM - 9:30PM :: The Chateau Le Blanc Trashe

'Three Kings' (USA), a fictional film about the 1991 Iraq war, was made by well meaning American liberals, yet in the contemporary context it could well be used to promote and justify the recent U.S invasion of Iraq. 'Blackboards' (Iraq), an Iranian film, reveals flaws in Western approaches to Iraq and the Middle East region in general, simply by displaying the milieu of the people affected in that region. Both films draw on the incident when Saddam Hussein's regime used poison gas to quell Kurdish unrest, but to widely differing effects. Also screening is 'The Gulf Campaign' by Phil Patiris (USA), a ten-minute collage of sound and images taken mostly from U.S. media during the 1991 Iraq war, a satirical culture jam commenting on the broader meaning of the word 'campaign'.
With: Stewart Browne & the Mistons Film Group

Aelita by Yakov Protazanov
9.00PM - 11.00PM :: The Indie Temple.

Screening of film Russian film Aelita with live electronica by Dariusz Roberte
With: Darius Roberts

Thursday 4th December

Reelife Film Festival Screenings
12:00PM - 2:00PM Matinee :: Indie Temple Main Room

Reelife is a festival of youth filmmaking and ideas. It is run entirely by and for people 25 years and under. Reelife is less about showcasing commercially viable and technically outstanding films, and more about showing films that deal strongly with issues and perspectives of young people. This short film competition represents young people having control over presenting and defining their culture and their concerns through our culture's most popular medium. Reelife's films aim to reflect the cultural, socio-economic and geo-diversity of young Australians.

Sound Tips for Mini DV
1:00PM - 4:00PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Space

Sound-recording for documentary, news gathering and any other event you can point a camera at. The session will be entry level guide to getting the best sound out of your mini dv camera and basic knowledge of microphones. It will be a hands-on session and participants are encouraged to bring their own cameras and headphones. Email to let her know you are interested.
With: Tfer Newsome

Cinephiles and Film Societies: Grassroots Screening Culture in Brisbane
1.30PM - 3:30PM :: The Chateau Le Blanc Trashe

Do you horde films for your own personal collection? How come? Do you share them with your friends, have video nights, and make copies for each other? Then you and your friends are probably cinephiles, and one step away from being a film society. Come to discuss what draws you to films with other cinema lovers, meet other Brisbaners with a similar angle to yourself. Find out how you can become a film society and show those films to a wider audience, from people who have local experience. Feel free to bring some of your favourite film segments to show.
With: Stewart Browne & the Mistons Film Group

Animation Fest 03 Panel
3.00PM - 5.00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

Featuring animators of different influences discussing their chosen media and the ideological, aesthetic and technical differences between clay-mo, puppetry, cartoons and CGI animation. Is the behemoth of CGI the whole story, or is there still room in our digitalised, mediatised world for the smaller visions of handcrafted animation? What are the differences between the textual strategies of the modes? And is it true that animators are control freaks who crave 100% control of the frame?
With: TinaB and DanniZ

What is Beauty?
4.30PM - 5.30PM :: The Chateau Le Blanc Trashe

Do you plan to make a "thing of beauty" - something awe-inspiring for the screen? Or have you already made something beautiful and want to share it? And just what is exactly is your definition of beauty? Share your ideas, find a fellow film freak or just frolic in fields of filmic beauty. Excerpts from: Baraka, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Himalaya. Bring your own work of beauty!
With: Phoebe Hart

Animation Fest Screening
5.30PM - 7.30PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

As most people know, there are many types of animation other than the computer-generated images which have come to dominate our screens. Animation Fest 03 will focus on works by local animators, but particularly those working in the more artisanal, handcrafted modes such as puppet stop-mo and clay-mo.
With: Brainspiral.

Visual Disturbances
8.00PM - 10:00PM :: The Indie Temple

The Visual Disturbances film program is a 'mix-up' edit of select moments from films featuring psychedelia throughout the ages. Short films and animations of psychedelic intent or flavour will also feature as part of this diverse mix of material. Visual Disturbances will push the boundaries of 'mind-manifesting', while providing a challenging, beautiful and bizarre selection of audiovisual stimulation.
Presented by: the BrainSpiral team.

SYnaesthetic Headache
8:30PM - LATE :: The Valley Bingo Hall, Valley Central Plaza
Cost: $8
/ SOOB season ticket
A night of audio visual cabaret - Australia's finest audio terrorists team up with their pixel pushing counterparts to provide your audio visual palette with the flavours it needs to get through the rest of the week. Come and immerse yourself in the mindscrapings of artists, musicians, obsessive tweakers and video nazis as the old Valley Bingo Hall is transformed to a labyrinth of chaotic installations, sound and vision. Synaesthetic Headache is part of an ongoing project instigated by the crafty collaborators at MishMashKidz AV Squad, with help from outside deviants. One night only. Mass mischief expected!
e@rZ, eYez and space mutated by:

AND even more ... Meat Wave vs madEmEchz, Anal Cookie, Neon Princess, Biffplex, Kaleb Trott + Friends, Paul Abad, Headache Rehabilitation All-Stars, David Shaw, Emile Zile, Ceraebird, Polymer Slut Lab, Hippocampus vs. Aimee Batalibasi, Simulcast, Rye Barry, Laura Krikke, Mutil8, Wayne Nelson, Ase Esq., Vanessa Weekes, Damien Pascoe, Alex Scott.

Oh my god, it really is that massive!

Friday 4th December

Electroprojections: Glitch, Glam and Violence - screening
12:00PM - 1:30PM Matinee :: The Indy Temple Main Room

The Glitch, Glam and Violence screening program looks at mixed, mashed and remixed screen classics by contemporary artists. Ode to Ginger by Benjamon Ducroz & Ryan Hayward; I Rocked Britney (Moonwalk Style) by Daniel Heckenberg & Dsico; S-crash by Lindsay Cox & Victor Holder; Aural Violence by Daniel Green; Love Will Freak Us by Dylab & Dsico; Seismic by Sumugan Sivanesan; Scene by Tanya V; Todays Children, Tomorrows Minions by Daniel Green.
With: Gail Priest and Vicky Clare (curators)

Stage Combat & Fight Direction
Friday 1:30PM - 4:30PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Space

Learn some moves from the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc (SAFDi). Taking you through the basics of stage combat, fight direction and choreography.
With: Scott Witt and Nigel Poulton, President and Vice-President of SAFDi.

Reclaim the Streets
2.00PM - 4.00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

Screening and discussion about Reclaim the Streets and the making of activist video. What is Reclaim the Streets and why get involved? How does RTS work and what is the role of DIY culture in RTS and revolutionary activities? RTS and art-ivism. What is a Temporary Autonomous Zone and why bother to get them to happen - how is RTS a TAZ? Screening Reclaim the streets videos from the Valley 2002, the Bridge 2003, M1 2003 and the last one in solidarity with the WTO.
With: Belle Budden, Pippa, Abbie Trott, Steph Walton, Terror, Kymbeaux Dawson, Asger & Liz Shield.

How to put together an audio/visual DVD - step by step
4:00PM - 6:00PM :: Shop 1 TC Beirne Building

Why go DVD? What is DVD anyway? Curators, artists and designers talk about ways to use the DVD format as a dynamic medium that leaves your poor old video tapes rotting in the garden - where they belong!
With: Corin Edwards & Jesse Sullivan.

The Art of Music Video
4.30PM - 6.30PM :: Indie Temple

Discussion and screening on music video with Brisbane video producers and directors. Is it Commerce or Art? Should filmmakers take responsibility for the influence of their images? Is music video the perfect medium for conveying subversive concepts into the mainstream?
With: Ryan Renshaw, Sean Gilligan and Sarah Woulahan, Stuart Mannion, Jackie Ryan & MC Danni Zuvela.

Night Visions - exhibition opening
5:00PM :: Institude of Modern Art

Showcasing Brisbane's local video artists in a public space: the Institute of Modern Art in the heart of Brisbane's metropolis. Night Vision will be projected on the glass windows of the IMA in Berwick St for pubic viewing from dusk til dawn throughout the week of SOOB. The aim of these shorts is to promote visual perception through technology in the public arena, enabling the viewer to question the techniques of video and sound.
With: Lisa Nolan (curator)

FraGGed + Machinima - screening
6:00PM - 8:30Pm :: Shop 1 TC Beirne Building

A screening of video works by a range of international and Australian artists inspired by computer game culture and aesthetics. Includes hacks of Nintendo Entertainment Systems, subversive and activist games, modified game engines, and fly-thrus of virtual worlds.
With: Nullpointer (UK), Luke Ilett (AUST), Brody Condon (USA), Anita Johnston (AUS), Kristin Lucas (USA), Sky Frostensen (USA), Eric Cho (USA), Mathew Fletcher (AUS), Escape From Woomera (AUS), Jason Wilson (AUS). Compiled by Thea Baumann

Saturday 5th December

12:00PM - 2:00PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Space.

Learn lighting techniques with Tony Luu, award winning music video, short film, documentary and commercial cinematographer.
With: Tony Luu

Independent Television: the subversive box
1:30PM - 3.30PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

How do we compete with reality T.V., infotainment, industry-funded home renovation gigs and various lifestyle programming - and should we even try? Why? As yet another series that tries to break out of the mould crashes and burns, is it really true that Australian audiences don't want challenging television? What do we mean by independent tv anyway? Australian independent television producers talk writing, funding, production and share personal experiences. Just a little agitation and inspiration may be all that may be needed to kick-start some talented filmmakers into creating new experiences and perceptions in our mass media.
With: Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson (Fat Cow Motel), Chris Taylor (CNNNN), Tim Parish (SKA TV), Jackie Ryan (Producing Pilot `Burger Force').

Shoot and Telecine with Super 8 workshop
3:00PM - 5:00PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Space.

Learn the basics of shooting super 8 and converting to video with your own telecine set up.
With: Tony Luu and Sean Gilligan (Squareyed Films)

Electroprojections: Big City Paranoia - screening
4:00PM - 5:30PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

The Big City Paranoia screening program explores urban environments, alternative communal living spaces and commercial residential developments. Works included are Squat the Lot by Justin Hewitson; The Amateur Developerís Handbook by Antonia Fredman; 3.2 Seconds by Tania Doropolous; Quantum Dreamtime by Anne-Maree Taranto; HomeFear 1 by Cat Hope; Spaceship Earth by Tim Parish; And so in the end I arrived Iíd sent the package but you were nowhere to be seen by Scott Morrison; HomeFear 2 by Cat Hope; The Plastic Wars: Part One by Richard Grant; HomeFear 3 by Cat Hope; Weedkiller by Maxine Foxxx & Nobody; Sixteen Days by Chris Caines; The Way by Qing Wang, Political Graffitti by Brianna Lory & Duncan Freedman.
Curated by: Gail Priest and Vicky Clare (curators)

Generative Video and other custom made visual/audio software
4:00PM - 6:00PM :: Shop 1, TC Beirne Building

From switching video channels to self generative 3d madness in Pure Data, australia's most perverted pixel nazis demonstrate and take you through how to best mash your video together in alpha channel pancake perrrrfection. Bon Appetite!
With: Michael Cox, Patrick King, Oko T & Wade Marynowksy.

5:45PM - 8:00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

'Transition' will explore the experiences of filmmakers making the transition from one format or level of production to another. Making your first film, from uni to independently funded film, independent to funded, short film to tv drama, short film to feature.
With: Evan Clarry (Blurred), The Sperig Brothers (Undead) Dean Chircop (Short Films), Trish Lake (Producer - Getting Squared), Kris Keen (Short Film, Television and Documentary), Jackie Ryan (video clips, short films and television), Mark and Izzy of the Labrats, Stuart Mannion (short film and music video).

6.00 PM - 7.00 PM :: TC Beirne Panel Space
The premiere screening of the first edition of the OCEANIA INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL, hot off the cd-burner. The OCEANIA INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL is a compilation of tactical video of the moment, with a regional focus. It is a news-zine for the web, and distributed on CD-ROM, with aims parallel to those found on the website - to collate stories from independant producers and community media collectives focussing on social change and environmental issues. This screening will be an informal networking opportunity for SOOB-goers and Brisbane indy-media-makers who have an interest in getting involved in this nascent radical media project, and those who wanna be the first to check out this inspiring short program of news and views from around the region
Presented by: Tim Parish and Anna Helme

Sunday 7th December

PFTC & the QLD Film Industry Forum
11.30AM - 2:00PM :: The Indie Temple Main Room

There is a lack of communication between the independent, commercial and government sectors of the film industry that has led to a depleted pool of filmmakers creating projects within Queensland. There is also ongoing confusion amongst commercial and independent filmmakers in regards to the policies of the PFTC, a concern that is not often voiced beyond private discussions and niche groups. It' s time that this debate is taken into an open forum, where we may work together to create a better industry. A mediated group discussion on the development of the QLD film industry with a focus on The Pacific Film and Television Commission with invited guests and filmmakers from the Brisbane Community.
With: Producers, directors, Executives, Technicians, Writers, Distributers, Creatives, Investors, Educators, emerging artists from the independent, commerical and government sectors of the QLD film industry.

Laptop Cinema
2:00PM - 4:00PM :: Shop 1, TC Beirne Building

Archimedia research collective presents "laptop cinema" a screening and workshop on techniques for all interested in small-scale cinema and screens flourishing in public spaces. Bring your own laptop to get the full monty or come and watch the demo. Compression, file formats, and other how-to's (or even wireless!) will be discussed as well as a foray into theoretical contexts for such micro-style cinema practices in the 21st century! Infuse the city! Bring your own films on cd and trade with us!
With: Archimedia's Molly Hankwitz & David Cox.

The art of making movies
3:00PM - 5:00PM :: The Indie Temple Workshop Space

Learn the basics of Art Direction and Production Design with award winning designer Michelle Sotheren.
With: Michelle Sotheren

Joan Of Arc - ReScore
4:00PM - 6:00PM :: The Festival Club
COST: $7
/ SOOB season ticket
The classic silent film Joan Of Arc is given a new perspective as three of Australia's leading electronic musicians combine their forces to create an aural experience to match the on-screen intensity.
With: Kate Crawford from b(if)tek, Lawrence English and Ben Frost.

Pixel Busters Screening
4:00PM - 5:00PM :: ELECTRONODE, TC Beirne Building

Brisbane's all star vidi-yo pyr8 space invaderz. A ruthless squad of sonic terrorists, pixel perverts and remixilogical theologans, Pixel Busters posse manipulate the highs and lows of guerilla technology to inject their mutant media virus directly to the high seas of yr highway arterial. Yo, who you gonna call? Come and chekk out what the PIXEL BUSTERS have been up to over the past week.
With: Thea Baumann

Shit 'n' Stuff
4:30PM :: Impro Space, under the Chinatown Mall Carpark

Following on from the circuit bending cooking show, this is a showcase of home made and modified instruments.
With: Agit8, meatwave, unhappy bee person and more.

Neopoetry - screening
6:00 PM - 7:00PM :: Shop 1 TC Beirne Building

A collection of video artworks resulting from collaborations between young Australian writers and video artists. Working with a writer, video and audio artists
creatively documented a type of neopoetry; one which is inspired by new usage of technology, context and/or cultural aesthetic. Semiotic expressions explored include: SMS, EMAIL, RHYMES, CHAT, GRAFF, STENCILS…
This initiative has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
With: Rebecca Cannon (producer)

Kill Your Television Competition
6:00PM - 9:00PM :: The Indie Temple

Screening of video/film work submitted into the Kill Your Television competition. Filmmakers are invited to submit works 15 minutes and under. We want work that is challenging, thought provoking, political, socially aware, subversive, emotional, personal, freshly humourous, f#$ed up crazy ass shit, any format, any genre. Short films, documentaries and mockumentaries, animations, culture jamming, pranks, music videos, propaganda, copyright violations, glitches and re-mixes in the matrix, art axperiments. All is welcome. Films are due in on the 21st of November. The prizes are amazing:

FIRST PRIZE: $2000 post production from Cutting Edge.
2nd Prize: 1 roll film (Kodak), Developing (Atlab), 1 hr Telecine (Cutting Edge), 2 days 16 mm Camera Hire (QPIX)
3rd Prize: $1000 hire from Procam.

Special thanks of course to Cutting Edge, QPIX and Procam for their generous prize donations.