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To our eye the Brisbane arts scene is institutionalised and hostile to emerging artists. SOOB is one response ...
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Break it Down

2 ? 12 Dec. :: See Visual Arts Maps & Itineraries available from TC Beirne
Centre and the Festival Club.

With 2% of all public building budgets devoted to public art, Brisbane has seen a noticeable increase in art inhabiting our streets and buildings. But where do ephemeral public art works ? t in? What about artists whose arts practice is premised on temporal works with limited life spans, with an impact and relevance particular to the here and now? Break It Down celebrates the passage and effects of time, the ?eeting and the short-lived, all through public art. Who said public art had to be permanent? Witness SOOB Break it Down all over the valley this summer with In Search of a Niche, Damage, Sir binalot, Bovine Journeys & Metamorphosis Project.

FEATURING: Archie Moore, Bec Nissen, Luke Lyman, Jason Cheetham and Simone Eisler.

They?ll be peppered within alleyways, crannies, hollows or crevices,
amongst trash, or in the gutter. Look hard enough and you may catch
a glimpse of a glimmering quest seeker, awaiting its turn to shine.
Along the lines of ?free art? or ?take-away art? one presumes that
many quest-seekers will go missing, perhaps lose their way or better still,
?nd it.
FEATURING: Trent Barton

An ephemeral aphotic text piece about human behavior and well-being
in relation to the sociophysical environment. People simply don?t
place their daily actions in an environmental context; their decisions
are literally thoughtless. but as the resources (oil,water,space...) disappear,
so do the machines that use these resources, then the damage
they create disappears too, just like this word ?damage? will fade into the
ground and fade in our memory.
FEATURING Archie Moore

What is it about openings, holes and cracks in urban spaces that makes us want to toss our garbage into it? Jason Cheetham invites you to explore our collective fetish by tossing away your undesirable trash into his latest site installation. What do people in Brisbane call garbage? Are they brave enough to trash some art and can they see that in many cases trash can be art? Look for your nearest men?s business suit on the streets of the Valley and express yourself.
FEATURING: Jason Cheetham

These cast cow hooves journey through the streets of the valley, budding, fruiting and gathering in the site speci?c places they ?nd on their travels, taking refuge, refueling and giving back to the earth.
FEATURING: Simone Eisler

Metamorphosis is a moving graf?ti piece. The piece explores the idea
of ?becoming,? that at any given moment nothing exists as a constant and is in a continuous state of ?ux. Over the period of the festival, painted stickers replicating a stencil graf?ti piece will embellish a glass shop front in the TC Beirne Centre. By the end of SOOB, the slow transformation will be screened as an animation, a metaphoric caterpillar turning into a moth.
FEATURING: Laura Krikke

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